Posted by: missionventureministries | April 9, 2010


I was interested in how a doctor friend of mine came to know the Lord.  He told me that in medical school he began to study the heart and the circulatory system, he discovered that fourteen chemical processes must work in perfect harmony and timing for blood to clot when someone received a cut.

He realized that he could not prevent a person from bleeding to death if just one of those chemical combinations failed to work; during an operation.

He thought about the clotting process for some time and came to the conclusion that it must be a very profound evolvement of nature.

With so many functions of the human body working so perfectly and with the natural world functioning so well, it seemed as if an intelligent design was behind it all.

And if there was an intelligent cause for all of this harmony, that cause would have to be very powerful to keep it functioning properly for so many centuries.

Since man did not live longer than a century maybe there was a super entity somewhere that science had not discovered; something super-human, or even supernatural to keep it all working.

If that intelligent entity existed; it would have to be a very benevolent and caring force with a personality, a very good personality.  He had heard someone mention a force they referred to as God.  He had read about tiki gods, rain gods, Buddha and other gods, but he knew that they were imaginary myths, with no creative powers.

A creative being had never been mentioned in any of his textbooks or lectures. His professors stated that it took millions of years for the universe and the human body to evolve to their present state and they would continue to improve as the centuries passed.

However, the thought kept nagging at his mind; what if there is an intelligent being responsible for all of the harmony in the material world.  He sought other opinions; some people said they believed that a personality actually designed and created the earth, but most of his friends refuted all creative design ideas and theories.  

He found a very old book and began to read the first few chapters of the book regarding a spiritual entity, a personality called God, the book stated that this God actually created the human race, and the universe that they were living in.

At last it all began to make sense there is an intelligent, creating, powerful, benevolent personality behind it all.

As he progressed through the Book, he marveled at how patient, caring and forgiving that God was with rebellious, arrogant, wicked people.

Matthew, Mark, Luke and John introduced him to a man called Jesus, this Man was not like any other man that he had met or read about.  This man Jesus spoke with such power and authority; yet He was so intelligent, humble, loving and forgiving. He appeared to be like the God that he had read about in the first part of the Book. 

He carefully studied the last two days of the life of Jesus.  His study of medicine, made him aware of the intense suffering and pain that Jesus endured, during His trial and when He was tortured to death on the cross.

He began to visualize Jesus dying on the cross for his sins; he realized that this was not just a casual benevolent kindness; what he saw was the most marvelous, lavish, irresistible expression of love that humanity had ever witnessed. As he witnessed this great expression of God’s love; he longed to bow at the Savior’s feet and accept His unconditional love with deep gratitude.

Many times throughout history; earth has been touched by Heaven in a marvelous and wonderful way; the birth of Jesus, Pentecost, Resurrection Day, etc.  However, our Father longs for us to experience His presence, His guidance and His love each day that we live.

God took three nails and the blood of Jesus, and wrote the greatest love story that the world has ever known.


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