Posted by: missionventureministries | April 23, 2010


When God wants to make changes in our lives, are we willing to let Him?

We do not want to be wishful thinkers, always living in a dream world and never seeing anything of significance materialize. We want to live with confidence that our hopes, dreams, and expectations are based on God given certainty and that He is behind them. We want the hope that comes from God alone, a hope that is built on a foundation of His promises to us and His revealed purposes in us. This kind of hope is an anchor to our soul.

Lord, I release all my hopes and dreams to You this day. If there is anything that I am longing for that is not to be a part of my life, I ask You to take away the desire for it so that what should be in my life will be released to me. I realize how dangerous it is to make idols of my ideas. To try and force my life to be what I have envisioned for myself. I lift up to you all that I desire, and declare this day that what I desire most is Your will in my life.

Lord, I want the desire of my heart to line up with what You want for my life. As hard as it is for me to let go of the hopes and dreams I have for my life, I lay them all at Your feet. I accept Your decision and fully submit to You. Lead me in Your path, Lord. “I don’t want to speak a vision of my own imagination.” (Jeremiah 23:16) Give me a vision for the future and plant hope in my heart.

Whenever I face times of change and transition, I will seek Your guidance. I long to walk with You and see the wonders You have in store for me. Even as I face trials, I know that You protect me and love me. Thank you for caring about every detail of my life and fulfilling Your plans for me.

I look forward to watching the dreams You have for my life unfold, as I follow in Your ways and receive divine inspiration from You.


**Power of Prayer


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