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TRUSTING GOD – Genesis 15:5

Genesis 15 vs 5

The Lord made a promise to Abram to give him a son and He took him outside and said: “Look up at the heavens and count the stars . . . so shall your offspring be.” (Genesis 15:5) 

When God first called Abram he was seventy five years old and at that time the Lord promised that He would make him into a great nation, and would bless him. (Genesis 12:2)

Abram is now 85; ten years have passed since God promised him that he would make him to “become a great nation”, and he is concerned that he has no children, so the Lord came to Abram in a vision and promised him descendants too numerous to imagine.  

When God makes a promise we can count on it. Now Sarai, Abram’s wife was also getting older and she did not have any children, which in that culture was a dishonor and very shameful, so she gave Hagar, her Egyptian maid to Abram as a substitute wife, which was common practice at that time. A child born of the servant was considered the child of the wife. So, although Abram was acting in line with the custom of the day, his action showed a lack of faith that God would fulfill His promise.  

God demands us to be true to Him and His Holy Word regardless of what sinful customs existed at that time or is acceptable in today’s society as “normal.” God’s perfect plan was and is that a husband and wife must be physically intimate with only each other for their entire life. Anytime a married person is physically intimate with another person; the Bible defines those acts as – adultery. 

God has commanded in His Word “be Holy, because I am Holy.” Therefore, obedience to God’s Holy Word is the only normal lifestyle – violations of His Holy Word are sin and they are abnormal for TRUE believers and children of God.    

Sarai like Abram had trouble believing in God’s promises and took matters into her own hands by giving Hagar to Abram, when marriage is a sacred commitment and contract between God; one husband and one wife. 

Out of disobedience and the lack of faith on Sarai and Abram’s part, came a series of problems. This invariably happens when we take over for God, trying to make His promise come true through efforts that are not in line with His specific directions. In this case, time was the greatest test of Abram and Sarai’s willingness to let God work in their lives. 

Sometime we too must simply wait. When we ask God for something and have to wait, it is tempting to take matters into our own hands and interfere with God’s plans. 

Although Sarai arranged for Hagar to have a child by Abram, she later blamed Abram for the results. It is often easier to strike out in frustration and accuse someone else than to admit our guilt and sin and ask for forgiveness. Sounds familiar? Adam and Eve did the same thing. (Genesis 3:12-13) 

Sarai took out her anger against Abram and Hagar and her treatment was harsh, enough to cause Hagar to run away. Anger, especially when it arises from our own unbelief; sins and rebellion against God and His Word is always dangerous and destructive. 

Hagar was running away from her mistress and her problem. The angel of the Lord gave her the advice to return and face Sarai, the cause of her problem, and to submit to her. Hagar needed to work on her attitude toward Sarai, no matter how justified her thinking may have been. Running away from our problems rarely solves them, it is wise to return to our problems, face them, accept God’s promise of help, correct our attitudes, and act as we should. 

We have seen three people make serious mistakes. 

  • Sarai, who took matters into her own hands. She told Abram to go and sleep with her slave; thereby violating the sacredness of marriage and had Abram commit adultery with Hagar.
  • Abram who went willingly along with the plan by committing adultery; however, when circumstances began to go wrong, refused to help solve the problem.
  • And, Hagar, who ran away from the problem.

In spite of this messy situation, God demonstrated His ability to work in all things for good (Romans 8:28). Sarai and Abram still received the son they so desperately wanted, and God solved Hagar’s problem despite Abram’s refusal to get involved. No problem is too complicated for God if we are willing to let Him help us and to be in control. 

The Lord told Abram. “I am God Almighty; walk before me and be blameless,” (Genesis 17:1). God has the same message for us today. We are to obey the Lord in every respect because He is God; that is reason enough. If we don’t think that benefits of obedience are worth it, consider who God is – the only one with the power and ability to meet our every need. 

God did not forget Hagar’s son Ishmael; even though he was not to be Abraham’s heir, he would also be the father of a great nation. So regardless of our circumstances, God has not forgotten us. We need to obey Him and trust in His plan, and remember that God’s blessings are too numerous for us to imagine, and that His timing is always the right timing. Therefore: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to Him, and He will make your paths straight.” (Proverbs 3:5-6)



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