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High school and college students from a church in Oregon have ministered in Mexico with us for 10 years; they won more people to Christ in 5 days than many large churches do in one year. During one of their four day mission trips they led 32 people to Jesus. 

These thirty teenagers worked with our Mission Venture Ministries team – they had a hunger to lead Mexican children and their parents to a saving experience with the Lord Jesus. 

Some of those kids are now serving as pilots, doctors, pastors and fulltime missionaries on foreign and U.S. mission fields.  

They traveled by bus for two days to get to the city of Escondido in California. Once they arrived at to our church they would sleep on hard floors, and then we drove another 8 hours to our mission church in Mexico. 

These students came from strong Christian homes; where their parents faithfully taught the Bible and prayed together daily. They had a youth pastor that was very devoted to the Lord, who helped reinforce the teaching of the parents.  

These students had a solid Christian foundation, a desire to serve the Lord and reach others for the Savior. 

Even if they had all of their travel fees paid for, they could not go on the trip until they had 7 people who would pray for them every day. These were prayer partners who would faithfully pray for them daily, that God would use them to win the lost. 

They spent 30 minutes reading their Bibles and praying every morning – even before they had breakfast; they learned this from their parents and with the encouragement of their youth pastor. Their parents and their youth pastor were working together and helping them build a strong foundation for their faith.  

One of our church members came to the church site early one morning to pick up something and he was surprised to see 30 kids all across the church campus reading their Bibles and praying.

 In his own words, “it just blew me away, I had never seen students reading the Bible and actually enjoying fellowship with God.”  

It is absolutely vital that parents invest 20 to 30 minutes every day in Bible study and prayer with their children so that they can help their children build a strong spiritual and moral foundation for their lives.  

As a building contractor, I know that it takes a lot of time and hard work to build a strong foundation. 


We and other teachers in the church taught a family with 3 kids for six years the absolute truth from God’s Word.  

But the parents refused to discipline these kids; they also refused to teach even short Bible studies in their home or emphasize the children’s responsibility to obey God and His commands. 

However; they did provide them with access to the toxic, immoral garbage that was on TV, the Internet, iPhones and other forms of video evil.  

These kids are now teenagers and they have no desire for God or the moral values that are vital for being born again and living a life that honors God and the Savior.  

Their daughter was a sweet girl who had a heart for God, now she is on the iPhone constantly and dresses very immodestly; her two older brothers have filthy minds, use bad language and want nothing to do with God.   

Sin is not static – proud, sinful, lustful behavior demands more and greater experiences of debased sin. 

There are only two types of people in the world; there are children of God through faith in Jesus and there are children of the devil, who support and further his agenda for evil in the world.  

Life is never static for any age group; we are either becoming more like our Heavenly Father or more like Satan. 

It is much easier to build strong Christian children that love and obey God; than to try to repair broken teenagers and adults.



  1. This is so very true. I brought my daughter up in a church for Sunday school. I went through a time of my life where I backslide and didn’t apply myself to the word nor did I my daughter. Today I love the Lord and seek him daily. My peace is in him and I could not live without his strength. However, my daughter is far from having any relationship with the Lord. It was my fault and I pray God will allow my words and actions to touch her heart; so she knows the love and joy I feel everyday because of Jesus. Great share and one which is so very important. Blessings to you and your faithfulness.

    • Thank you for sharing. We will be praying for you and your daughter. Blessings.

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